New Radiant Impression 3D Imaging

Second to Nature is the first in nation to start using the new iPad 3D imaging for Radiant Impression Custom Breast Form Scans.

What does this mean for you?
-Fast and confidential scans
-No special appointment time frame, get the scan during a normal appointment.*


The Radiant Impression is

  • Made to fit your chest wall.
  • Useable in a non-pocketed bra.
  • Useable at the beach or swimming pool.
  • Made from a unique silicone foam core, making is durable, lightweight, breathable and cooler.

Checkout a video of Justine doing an actual scan on one of our mannequins:

Call 336-274-2003 to schedule an appointment.
*Not all insurances cover the scan, please let us know of your Radiant Impression interest. We will check your coverage before your visit.

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